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Volunteering - Getting involved

Route 81 could not exist without the dedication of the Directors, Volunteers and Staff and of course the enthusiasm of the Route 81 members.

Route 81 is open to all 11 - 18 year olds in Hermitage Academy catchment area. To join a membership form must be completed and signed by parent/guardian. Friends are also welcome but must fill in a friends' form and have to be accompanied by a member. All members and guests are expected to abide by the Route 81 rules as devised by the members themselves.

We are always looking for new volunteers as we expand the work and activities that we do with the Route 81 members. We don't ask for a fixed number of hours for volunteers, just what you feel you can manage. Once a year for a special event is fine if that is the time you have free. You do NOT have to have a child in Route 81.

We need people to supervise activities such as the chill out cafe - no skill needed just patience!

People with special skills are also welcome to run specialist workshops. This could be anything from football to needlework.

We offer a variety of training courses for volunteers.  However none except child protection are required.

All volunteers must have enhanced disclosure.